Hi, my name is Martijn. I love creative writing and photography. Check it out!

Some things I made:



★ Empty walls? — find one of my prints

★ Elderly billiards — a short story one must read in a way like watching a Pixar short film

Top 5 ways to die in Iceland — that one top list about Iceland you haven’t seen yet

★ changemyfootprint.com — save money and the environment in your daily life activities

SAVING THE WORLD CAN SAVE YOU MONEY? — article for Urban Meisters

Þar til hér — a story about looking death in the eye in Iceland’s remote Westfjords

Instagram Takeover Huffington Post Canada — Change My Footprint tips

★ Let me photograph you in this light — Portrait photography

★ Dance school honors Melanie (17) with choreography — Photography & interview

The Great Lakes – A journey along the shores of Canada’s great lakes region

★ All good things come to an end — a short story about love in London and an unknown saxophone player

Travels to Morocco — a story about Said and his stubborn dromedary

Burning kid — a story about how a father accidentally set his kid on fire in a Spanish town and made all the villagers run

Climate change and vacations — article for Climate Mama

Photography & web design for Charlotte Jaartsveld Communicatie

★ Getting featured by Parks Canada, Lonely Planet, Huffington Post Canada, Gemeente Leidschendam-Voorburg & more

Pension-related writing for Aegon the Netherlands

★ Wild Assynt – 96 hours in Scotland’s wildest highlands

Black & white landscape photographs

36 hours in Barcelona

White Iceland — A journey through a cold and frozen wonderland

& more