Dutch light,


View on the Kennemerduinen after heavy rain, Bloemendaal, North Holland, October ’19

It had been raining hard all day. But, just before sunset, the showers suddenly move away towards the north-east. A low sun shines a golden light over the threatening clouds and the Kennemer dunes. Strips of gold find their way through the landscape. The last Autumn colors are accentuated by the golden light. For a few seconds the overwhelming spectacle takes place. A timeless scene, like a painting by the masters of the Golden age. Then it’s over. In the distance there is the sea. Cargo ships disappear on the horizon. Just a Tuesday. On the left, at the horizon, hardly visible, a sign of the modern times can be seen — M.D.

September storm, Meijendel, South-Holland, Summer ‘19

Storm. On top of the dune, the strong wind tries to push me back. Sand is flying through the air. Giant clouds rush through the sky. The sun rises above the horizon. A blinding, golden light, glides over the landscape. Morning light as you can only see during a storm. It’s high tide, and wild waves reach all the way to the dunes. Their crests glow gold in the early sunlight. Streaks of golden light fall through the dunes. Hundreds of seagulls fill the sky. Two horse riders brave the storm and gallop across the beach. A runner slowly moves forward through the loose sand. At the place where land, sea and sky meet, a breathtaking spectacle takes place in the early morning. I have never seen my homeland so beautiful as during this september morning — M.D.

Learning to fly a kite at the Wassenaarseslag, Wassenaar, August ’20

A father teaches his son how to use a kite. It’s the end of the day at the beach of the Wassenaarseslag. A silver light is reflected in the sea. People enjoy their evening walk across the beach. The strond winds are slowly slowing down — M.D.

View towards Scheveningen during storm, Wassenaarseslag, South-Holland, Autumn ‘20

Dark and giant clouds came rolling in. Sunset. Strong winds. The waves reached all the way to the dunes. Kiters battled the giant waves. Light reflected on the beach. Rays of sunligt at the horizon, Scheveningen in a golden light. Minutes later I was hiding behind a dune for the heavy rain. A wonderful end of the day along the coast — M.D.

Beachview at the North of Texel, North-Holland, March ’21

Just a Tuesday at the beach at the North corner of Texel. Flat horizons as far as the eye can see. Piecefull the grass on top of the dunes waves in the wind. Some people wander across the beach. White waves till the horizon. Dutch views— M.D.

The man in the storm, Wassenaarseslag, South-Holland, Februari ’20

What a day it had been. From sunrise till sunset I had traveled along the coast to catch the power of the huge storm named Ciara. Tired from hiking through sand and strong winds all day I found this scene. At the Wassenaarseslag. The sea had beaten away the beach and the water reached all the way to the dunes. A man looks out over the sea in the last light of the day — M.D.

Beach view with swimmers, surfers and a dog, Scheveningen, South Holland, September ‘19

The sun is about to disappear behind the horizon. The sky above the beach turns to gold. A father and son have just left the water. A cold dive. The dog runs around them while they remove the sand from their towels. Kite surfers have just come off the water and practise with one of the kites. The remaining kites are drying on the sand. The boulevard glistens in a golden light while the seagulls stand quietly on the sand. It’s a peaceful evening. On the horizon, sailboats sail towards the sunset. Golden waves hit the beach. For a moment they create shiny patterns on the sand, then they dissolve in the sand. It’s the end of a stormy, but beautiful late summer day. Weeks later, it would appear to have been the last summer day of the year — M.D.

Riders in the storm, Scheveningen, South Holland, Summer ‘19

Storm. Sunrise. Golden light is everywhere. Two horse riders stand the strong wind and race across the beach at Scheveningen. It’s spring tide and the waves reach all the way to the dunes— M.D.