Dutch light,

fleeting beauty. Flat horizons. Wide cloudy skies. Spots of light in the landscape. The light in the Netherlands has something special due to the many water in the landscape that reflects light towards the sky. I found a way to capture the beauty of this light in a new way. Traveling across my home country, I try to capture land, light and sky in perfect coherence, using multiple photographs for one scene. Engaged in a daily battle, to be at the right place at the right time, I captured unique scenes of the famous Dutch light.


out of multiple photographs, my artworks show the beauty of Dutch light and sky in a unique way. All artworks show large scenes, many details, and often the true grandeur of the sky. The photographs are made with a combination of digital and analog photo gear and all works show realistic and clear colors. The biggest challenge for creating a unique work is being at the right place at the right time. Other than the landscape, the clouds and lights are always different. Following daily weather developments, searching for locations, countless attempts, being lucky, and hours of editing are all part of the creation process.

Flat horizons,

the collection is a..

53°25’16.2″N 5°22’51.3″E