Hi, my name is Martijn Droger. I’m a Dutch artist, known for my fine art photography of Dutch light & sky. My work emerges from my love for the unique landscape of the Netherlands. Traveling through my home country, I try to capture the land, light and sky in perfect coherence. Engaged in a daily battle, to be at the right place at the right time, I captured unique scenes of the famous Dutch light. It’s my goal to capture and show the Dutch light more beautiful than ever been done before. I currently live in Voorburg, South-Holland.


Different from traditional landscape photography, my work has a focus on sky and light. I’m always searching for special light in the landscape and perfect clouds. My original artworks are created from multiple photographs and have special dimensions. This results in large artworks, full of detail, and a unique display of the sky. I work with a combination of digital and analog photo gear. All artworks show a realistic scene and colors are used accordingly.


Currently I work on my photography projects, at AEGON the Netherlands, and as a caregiver for my disabled sister. My love for photography started at the age of twelve, when using my first point-and-shoot. My career in photography started as a student, when working as a Canon sales salespromoter. After this I worked several years in the biggest camera store of the Netherlands. This earned me a lot of knowledge and expertise in the field of photography. I then started a career in financial services. Over the passed years I photographed numerous assignments such as weddings and editorial photoshoots. 
Want to know more about me and my work? Feel free to say hi!